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                88 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LR Next to Barrys Bar near the bottom end of London Road.

Many centuries ago, the people of Japan began preserving fish in fermented rice because of a lack of refrigeration. As refrigeration became available this food faded from popularity. Tastes changed and the people of Japan were looking for a fresh, healthy food source. Thus, the interest in what is now talked about as "sushi" resurfaced. Sushi began being presented at joyous occasions such as weddings and births. Contrary to popular American thought, sushi does not mean raw fish, but reflects its celebratory connotation.

The two most popular styles of sushi are handheld rice presentations called "maki" and "nigiri". Maki denotes the roll of rice and nori (a pressed, dried sheet of seaweed high in protein and trace minerals) filled with assorted fish and vegetables. Nigiri implies a ball of rice which has been topped with egg or fish. The fare served at sushi bars usually reflects that of local procurement including seafood such as crab, octopus, prawns, surf clams, mussels, salmon and tuna. These items may just as likely be offered cooked as uncooked.

YaMa is proud to feature a fine assortment of local seafood presented by a Japanese chef who is aware of both the heritage of service and the dynamics of introducing this food to many who have not yet sampled it. For those who want to break into this cuisine slowly, we also offer the finest noodles, tempura, and Donburi sets.

You are welcome to ask questions to our friendly staff and enjoy this most healthy, traditional style of cooking.

Okonomiyaki now available on our Specials Menu                                                           Fujiyama Lavaflow Cocktail


FIREWORKS MAKI and SPICY KAKI MAKI now on our Specials Menu


Select the tab above for our new Lunch Set is now available Mondays to Fridays 12:30 - 4:30pm



Tel: 0114-2787887



Sunday to Thursday 12:30 pm till 10:30 pm 

Friday & Saturday 12:30 pm till 11:00 pm

(Bookings Recommended)

 Kirin - Asahi - Sapporo Japanese Beer

A unique range of Japanese Sake & Schochu available



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